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Public Works/Cross Connection

What is a backflow prevention device and do I really need one in my home?

A backflow prevention device prevents water from reversing flow from the resident's premises to the public supply water main. A potential health risk can exist should a backflow situation occur if containers holding chemicals such as cleaning products or pesticides are connected to the water supply. The greatest potential for this to occur is through your homes garden hose, or through an underground sprinkler system. If the water supply experiences a large drop in pressure at the same time a hose is left in a bucket or connected to a spray attachment, the chemicals could be siphoned into your homes plumbing and potentially into the public water supply. All new constructed residential homes and properties with underground sprinklers systems have been required to install backflow devices. The Village currently has a backflow prevention program that includes homes in older sections of the community. If you have any question please contact the Public Works Department at 847-490-6800.


Public Works

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